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About totes

It all started with a love for rain. Totes was born in 1924 in a small Ohio town and founded on two core principles: Midwest roots and a genuine love for the rain. We loved it so much, we spent decades creating products so others could enjoy it too. Year after year we found new ways to stay outside more comfortably, no matter the weather. Before we knew it, we had built a whole world of rain products from umbrellas to boots, jackets, hats and bags! A few years later we realized that we don't just love rain, we love being outside! So we developed new products like slippers, socks and sandals that make enjoying outside even easier. Each year, millions of yards of fabric go unused across the fashion industry. We introduced our Upcycle collection to reuse otherwise excess fabric to become amazing and beautiful umbrellas. Each umbrella is incredibly unique with a one-of-a-kind combination of upcycled fabrics.

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Brand G4Free
Color A-Black
Specific Uses For Product Rain
Recommended Uses For Product Travel
Target Audience Adult
Shape Round
Shaft Material Stainless Steel, Fiberglass
Handle Material Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
Frame Material Fiberglass + Aluminum
Style Modern
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About this item

  • Auto Open & Close: One-button opening and closing design, convenient for one-handed operation, you can quickly open or close the umbrella at the press of a button. No more dealing with the hassle of manual rain umbrellas; easily closes to make getting into cars and buildings a breeze.
  • Strong Construction Windproof Umbrella: The frame is fortified with 10 ribs, each of the ribs with spring is manufactured with premium fiberglass and high-quality stainless steel, which guarantee the stability of the whole structure to withstand strong wind gusts.
  • Extra Large Size Compact Umbrella: 54" in arc canopy, 46.5" in diameter, a golf size umbrella fits 2 people, which can be collapsible to 13", small size for easy carrying and ideal to be a travel umbrella.
  • Inverted Folding Design: This reverse umbrella takes an inside-out design. When you close it and get into your car or house, the wet side will be on the inside of the umbrella to prevent water from dripping everywhere.
  • Buy with Confidence: As the leading brand of golf umbrellas, G4Free has provided satisfactory service to American customers for more than 10 years. Our after-sales service team is online 24 hours a day, and we provide free replacement for any product quality problems.

Product Description

Large Canopy

54" in arc canopy, 46.5" in diameter, This umbrella provides a sufficient coverage for 2 people.

Inverted Folding Design

The inverted folding design prevent water from dripping when get in and out of the car.

Easy to Carry

This compact umbrella can be folded to 13 inches, a small size for easy storage in backpacks, handbag and more.

Come with A Case

This umbrella comes with a large umbrella case for easy storage. Also, the wrist loop make it easy to take in your hand.

Long Handle to Grip

This umbrella is designed with a longer handle than other common travel umbrellas. comfortably to grip.

Wide Velcro Strap

The strap is specifically widen and lengthened for the large size umbrella.

210T Water-repellent Fabric

Resistant to heavy rains to keep you dry and fully protected, and allowing the umbrella to dry very quickly.

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Product Description

The #1 strongest , windproof, durable & beautiful lightweight umbrella on the market

No other Umbrellas Withstand the Wind and Rain like Tumella

Because we understand rain better than anyone, we wanted an umbrella that will protect you even in the harshest conditions. A truly high performance umbrella, Tumella outperforms competitive umbrellas in both utility and durability. Small yet mighty, our umbrella measures just 11.5 inches long and weighs less than 1 lb, however it is measurably much stronger than standard models. Delivering perfect performance in wind speeds over 70 MPH

The Last Umbrella You'll Need to Buy

The Dutch Love to Hate the Rain

The Netherlands is home to raindrops and downpours; all day, everyday. Where innovative ideas to keep you dry and protected from the rain are born. Tumella has created an umbrella for every occasion — Discover the designs from floral to the vast expanse of the Milky way.

All to keep you safe and dry, no matter the condition or location.

Tumella Questions & Answers

1. Why choose Tumella? Years of research and commitment to excellence make Tumella the ONLY choice for your umbrella needs. Buy a Tumella once and enjoy it for a lifetime with PROVEN superiority in strength and wind durability as well as clever design features, full sun protection and easy operation.
2. How windproof is Tumella? Never worry about warped or broken ribs again. Tumella features nine high-density, virtually unbreakable, full fiberglass ribs with Flex Technology and is wind tunnel tested to withstand hurricane forces of over 70 MPH. Wind tunnel and rib bent tests have proven that Tumella is much more durable than anything else existing within the same weight & size range.
3 Can Tumella flip inside out? Every umbrella can flip inside out in certain wind conditions. Flipping inside out is the biggest cause of broken umbrellas. Tumella solves this problem by combining Vented Technology (to allow air to flow through the umbrella, reducing the likelihood of it flipping inside out) with very strong full fiberglass ribs. Even when flipped inside out, the Tumella will flip back without any damage.
4. Does Tumella block the sun? Not just for rainy days, Tumella offers protection against ALL weather conditions. T210 density fabric on the Tumella Solid Color Umbrella resists sun to prevent heat stroke or sunburn, while our Design Color Tumella features UPF50+ coating that fully blocks harmful UVA and UVB rays.
5. What about size and weight? Heavy duty without the weight, Tumella measures 11.5 inches long and weighs in at less than 1 lb. Easily slip it into your pocket, briefcase or luggage and have it on hand and ready for action anytime, anywhere.
6. How do you operate it? For convenient one-handed operation, simply press the button and the umbrella will instantly open. To close the canopy, press the button again and the umbrella will automatically fold.
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Brand totes
Color Clear
Specific Uses For Product Rain
Recommended Uses For Product Rainy
Target Audience Adult
Special Feature Clear Canopy
Shape Round
Shaft Material Alloy Steel
Handle Material Acrylic
Frame Material Alloy Steel
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About this item

  • RAINY DAY STYLE: From classy wedding and prom photographs to keeping hair and makeup in place on your way to work, the transparent dome of this fashionable clear umbrella allows your personal style to shine through
  • CLEAR VISIBILITY: Easily navigate busy city streets without bumps and run-ins. This clear bubble umbrella provides full personal coverage without hindering visibility, so you can see and be seen
  • WINDPROOF & RAINPROOF: Take on the elements in confidence; our high quality windproof and rainproof adult umbrellas keep you dry and unflustered, whatever the weather throws at you
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: Our umbrellas are made to last; this clear dome umbrella features a steel shaft with a classic curved handle design, so your umbrella is easy to carry, rain or shine
  • LOVE EVERY WEATHER: Take on any weather in confidence - totes has you covered. We love the rain, and have spent decades creating umbrellas, boots, hats and bags so you can enjoy it too
  • MOMMY AND ME: Enjoy rainy days and walking together with our cute family style totes umbrellas - you can now twin with your Mini-me. Available in Dots and Clear colorways. Find bundle options below

From the manufacturer

The totes difference

Armed with intuitive features like easy-to-hold handles and fuss-free tie straps, totes umbrellas outsmart the rain. Strong but lightweight, they’re engineered to last through a lifetime of stormy weather or we'll replace it for free.

  • Smart design features
  • Trendy shades and prints
  • Durable and reliable

Clear protection lets your style shine through

On rainy days, negotiating busy streets while staying protected under your umbrella usually means awkward bumps and run-ins. But totes’ clear-view canopy umbrellas let you see where you’re going so you can navigate crowded sidewalks with ease.

Whenever rainy weather comes, this smartly designed umbrella will do the trick. Bring the totes clear umbrella with you on special occasions or a casual stroll - its simple design and clear canopy lets your own personal style shine through.

  • Clear dome-shaped canopy for ultimate protection from the elements
  • Canopy Size when open is 51 inches, comfortable for one person
  • 37 inch length from handle to the top of the canopy, making this umbrella easy to carry
  • Pinch-proof closure keeps hands safe
  • Perfect for special occasions like weddings or prom
  • Complement any outfit with this clear neutral design


Totally see-through coverage that protects you from the elements! Great for navigating busy city streets, also a perfect accessory to pose with during a special event.


Extended, dome-shaped "bubble" canopy for the ultimate protection from the elements. Canopy Size once open is 51 inches, perfect for one person.


Strong but lightweight, this bubble umbrella is made with a steel shaft, comfortable Acrylic J-hook handle and sturdy canopy ribs. totes products are engineered to last through a lifetime of stormy weather!

Signature Bubble Kids Compact InBrella
Description With a premium design and see-through bubble canopy, our Signature umbrella features lightweight but heavy-duty materials, oversized canopy, pinch-proof runner, comfortable handle and deluxe matte silver finish. Equipped with the same see-through canopy as our Signature model, this affordable model comes with an easy-grip curved plastic handle and stylish bubble design. Perfect for tiny hands, our Kid's Bubble features an easy-grip plastic handle and child-safe spoke protectors. The clear canopy makes visibilty through the rain on the way to school a snap. Our new clear umbrella has a compact folding design that fits into a bag or pocket for easy travel. Made with an exclusive revolutionary fabric, this umbrella is softer to the touch and clearer than ever for remarkable visibility. Stay on the dry side with our smartly designed InBrella...where innovation meets style. This extraordinary umbrella closes inside out, keeping water away from you.
Canopy Ultra Clear Ultra Clear Clear Ultra Clear Ultra Clear
Canopy Size 51”, 1-person coverage 51”, 1-person coverage 38", 1-person coverage 42”, 1-person coverage 47”, 1-person coverage
Handle Durable Acrylic Grey Plastic Grey Plastic Rubber Coated Black Plastic
Opening Manual Manual Manual Auto Open Auto Close
Folded Length 37" 36" 25.25" 11" 31"
Available in prints
PVC Free
Fast Order
Color black
Specific Uses For Product Sun
Recommended Uses For Product Travel
Target Audience Men,Women
Special Feature auto-open-and-close
Shape Umbrella
Shaft Material Metal
Handle Material Rubber
Frame Material Aluminum
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About this item

  • DURABLE DESIGN TO WINDPROOF UMBRELLA:This is an unbreakable umbrella for men and women. This Compact umbrella has Black Metal Shaft and Fiberglass Ribs ensure high resistance to 55 mph wind gusts. It comes from an umbrella manufacturer with a history of 15 years.
  • SUPERIOR WATERPROOF: SY Travel Umbrella have a premium quality canopy which is made from 210T pongee that in highly water repellent and quick drying. The fabric won't easily soaked to shake gently after closing the umbrella, then all the drops will gone
  • FULLY AUTOMATIC UMBRELLA: Auto open and close umbrella can handy for quick entry into a car, building or tent. You can quickly open or close the travel umbrella at the press of a button
  • COMPACT AND LIGHTWEIGHT UMBRELLA: It is convenient to carry that is only 10.8 inch when folded, allowing you to store it anywhere. Because of the fiberglass material, our umbrella is lightweight(about 12.2 oz)
  • ABSOLUTE SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: We are a real umbrella manufacturer that can guarantee the quality of the umbrella. You can buy a great quality umbrella at a very good price. If it doesn't meet your expectations, just contact us at once. If anything at all goes wrong with your umbrella, we will send you a repair replacement absolutely free

From the brand

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  1. About us

    SY COMPACT is an ultra-cost performance brand that redesigns and redefines high-quality products, making them better and smarter, SY COMPACT-er to use!All our products are designed and crafted with the utmost care and attention to details and quality, ensuring we meet our customer’s needs with state of the art products, exceeding both in premium quality , innovative functionalities and appropriate cost.

  2. Easy To Carry

    Easy storage in in the laptop bag,backpack,business briefcase,etc.Available to take it anywhere.

  3. Factory outlet

    No middlemen made money, the factory finished production and delivered it directly to your hand.

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Product Description

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Product Description

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1 Features 2 Reinforced Ribs 3 Open & Close Button 4 Teflon Coating 5 Compact Design

Does the umbrella feature automatic or manual open and close button

It features automatic open and close button so with a one-handed press of a button, it will automatically open and close in a second.

How big is the canopy of the umbrella?


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From the brand

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  1. Welcome to Repel Umbrella, the ultimate destination for innovative and stylish umbrellas designed to keep you dry and protected in any weather.

    At Repel Umbrella, we understand the importance of staying prepared for unpredictable weather without sacrificing style or convenience.

    Our extensive collection includes Travel

    Umbrellas, Reverse Umbrellas, and Golf Umbrellas in a wide variety of patterns and colors.

  2. Compact Travel Umbrellas

    Visit the Store

  3. Reverse Umbrellas

    Visit the Store

  4. Why Choose Repel Umbrella?

    1. Innovative Design: Our umbrellas feature unique, user-friendly designs, such as reverse folding and wind-resistant technology, making them perfect companions for every adventure.

    2. Premium Materials: We use top-quality materials and craftsmanship in our umbrellas, ensuring longevity, reliability, and protection from the elements.

    3. Stylish Options: Our extensive collection offers a diverse range of patterns and colors, allowing you to find the perfect umbrella to match your personal style and preferences.

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Product Description

Repel Umbrella Compact Travel Umbrella

Compact Wind-Defying Umbrella

At Repel, we set the bar higher, because Mother Nature has no limits.

Repel umbrellas are designed with you in mind and built to ensure the ultimate protection and comfort in any weather condition. Measuring just 11 ? inches long and less than one pound for easy storage in purses, briefcases, backpacks, and more. Repel Travel Umbrella is fortified with nine resin-reinforced fiberglass ribs that flex slightly to withstand powerful gusts without turning inside out and defends against the elements like no other umbrella.

Folding Umbrella Features

Quality Workmanship

Designed with a three-fold chrome plated metal shaft, and strong metal frame to allow for greater stability in high winds.

Automatic Operation

Open and close the umbrella effortlessly using just one hand with its built-in auto open/close function.


Using state-of-the-art Teflon technology its canopy is waterproof and dries instantly.

Slip-Proof Handle

Its ergonomic, slip-proof, and rubberized handle with wrist strap makes it easy to carry and pleasant to hold.

Umbrellas for Rain, Wind, and Sun

The Repel Umbrella compact travel umbrella is designed with you in mind and built to ensure the ultimate protection and comfort in any weather condition. Measuring just 11.5 inches long (29 cm) and less than 1 pound (15 ounces), it's easily stored in purses, briefcases, backpacks, and more. Repel Travel Umbrella is fortified with 9 resin-reinforced fiberglass ribs that flex slightly to withstand powerful gusts without turning inside out. It defends against the elements like no other umbrella.

To ensure we made the highest quality protection, we created a double vented and Teflon coated canopy. This umbrella lets wind through the top while keeping water out. The waterproof and windproof umbrella canopy will keep your protective partner fighting the elements for the years to come.

Portable Umbrella Protects You Everywhere You Go

Windproof Umbrella Questions & Answers

Travel umbrella benefits? Our compact travel umbrella is small, yet mighty. Designed with a teflon coated double vented canopy it’s able to withstand strong gusts of wind, heavy rains, and sunny days. The windproof umbrella will bend, not break, keeping you protected from the elements. Reinforced fiberglass ribs (9 total) add stability to your umbrella. Auto open and close functions allow for easy one-handed operation, while compact size (11.5 inches) fits in any purse, backpack, car, and even pocket.
Does it hold up in high winds? Other umbrellas easily bend and invert in windy conditions. With our windproof travel umbrella, you’ll never have to worry when the forecast calls for strong winds. The double vented canopy allows air and wind to flow through without bending or breaking. In addition, the heavy duty resin-reinforced fiberglass ribs flex during high winds for added security.
Does umbrella block the sun? While our umbrellas are perfect for rain and wind, they work during sunny days as well. The teflon coating on the compact umbrella’s canopy resists the sun’s harsh UV rays. Confidently use our umbrella outdoors and know you’re protected.
Umbrella canopy size? Don’t let the compact size fool you, our mini umbrella is equipped with a large double vented canopy. When open, the canopy measures 42 inches (61cm). Provides ample coverage for up to 2 individuals.
How to operate the umbrella? Unlike hard to use manual umbrellas, our collapsible umbrella features a convenient automatic open and close button. To open, simply press the up arrow. Umbrella will instantly open. Ideal for one handed operation. To close, press the down button and push the top of the umbrella down. Umbrella will automatically fold.
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Brand Bodyguard
Color A1 Pink
Specific Uses For Product Rain
Recommended Uses For Product Travel
Target Audience Kid, Adult
Special Feature Windproof, Waterproof, Lighted, Water Resistant
Shape Round
Shaft Material Steel
Handle Material Rubber
Frame Material Aluminum
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About this item

  • ?Reflective Stripe Design and Safer: This upgrade windproof inverted umbrella is surrounded by reflective stripes, which offers 360° high visibility. The reflective stripe delivers high visibility during low light and rainy conditions to alert cars and vehicles, for extra safety in low visibility conditions, important for children, pedestrians and commuters, you will be safer when walk in dark and rain.
  • ?New Inverted Design: Bodyguard newest travel umbrella adopts inverted design, inside-out design is different from regular automatic umbrella which keeps the wet outside surface inside and prevents water from flowing downwards, keeping floors and cars dry when close it. Bring you with great convenience when get in/out car.
  • ?Super Windproof 12 Ribs Construction: Instead of using 8 or 9 aluminum ribs like other umbrellas on the Amazon, Bodyguard inverted umbrella is designed with 12 resin-reinforced fiber ribs that flex slightly to withstand powerful gusts without turning inside out. 12 Ribs umbrella will be more sturdy and more durable. And our umbrella adopts Teflon protective coating which is very waterproof.
  • ??Extremely Convenient?Our reverse folding umbrella has a fully automatic system, which is perfect for one-handed operation. Open or close the umbrella with the push of a button. It is easy to carry without taking up much space. Suitable for women and men, suitable for travel and outdoor activities.
  • ?Ideal Gift and Warranty: Reverse folding feature umbrella with a nice package, it is ideal gift for your parents, friends, colleagues and more. We offer every customer one year satisfaction guarantee, If you have any problem with our umbrella, please contact us first, we will reply you in 24 hours.

From the brand

The Best Inverted Umbrellas

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  1. Bodyguard Inverted Umbrellas

    Visit the Store



  4. Why choose our umbrellas?

    Bodyguard umbrella - a better reverse umbrella. Reverse folding design prevents rain from dripping everywhere! Fully automatic buttons ensure quick and easy operation! A Bodyguard umbrella will give you unparalleled weather protection!

    Why do we love what we do?

    We believe we make some of the best and most innovative products in the world.

    What kind of customer shopping experience can you get?

    If you need any advice on our umbrella or have any questions about it, please do not hesitate to tell us and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

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Product Description

No.1 The Best Inverted Umbrellas Brand - BODYGUARD

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  1. 12 Ribs Umbrella - More Sturdy and Durable

  2. Reflective Stripe - Safer When Walk In Dark Rain

  3. Inverted - Convenience When Get In/Out Car.

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Best Safety Design - Not Just an Umbrella

Umbrellas For Rain Windproof

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  1. Heavy Duty Umbrellas

    Sophisticated Craftsmanship and Design

  2. 46 Inches

    Portable Small Umbrellas For Backpack

  3. Easy Control

    Automatic Open & Close

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1 Inverted Umbrella Details 2 Travel Compact Umbrellas 3 How To Use
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  1. Umbreallas for Rain You Must Have

  2. Large Umbrellas For Family

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1 46 INCH 2 54 INCH
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From the brand

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  1. New Release

  2. UV Folding Umbrella

  3. New Release

  4. UV Protection Umbrella

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Product Description



2.High density

3.Sunscreen coating


210T pongee high tech fabric


10 Ribs-reinforced fiberglass ribs

Fast Order
Color Black
Specific Uses For Product Wind
Recommended Uses For Product Travel
Target Audience Adult
Special Feature auto-open-and-close
Shape Umbrella
Shaft Material Fiberglass,Resin
Handle Material Rubber
Frame Material Alloy Steel and Aluminum
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About this item

  • UPGRADE INVERTED FOLDING DESIGH: Shorter and Easy Carry. Convenient to store in anywhere. Suitable for travel and daily use.
  • UNIQUE INVERTED FOLDING DESIGH: This upside down umbrella takes a inside-out design. When close it, the wet part will be inside of the umbrella, preventing water from dripping,and it will not get yourself wet when getting in and out of the car. You don't even need to worry about this automatic travel umbrella will wet your floor and mat.
  • SUPERIOR WINDPROOF AND WATERPROOF: This windproof umbrella is flexiable enough to withstand powerful wind without turning inside out. It is fortified with 8 reinforced fiberglass ribs. The cannopy is made of high density 210T waterproof material which makes it good at waterproof function. Besides it is 46 inch arc, you don't have to choose between gigantic windproof umbrellas or tiny ones that cannot provide minimal wind protection.
  • COMPACT, PORTABLE AND EASY CARRYING: This is an upgrade design of the longer reverse folding umbrella, light weight and more easy carry. This reverse umbrella is easy to store in your car, your briefcases, backpacks, tavel bags etc. It is perfect for travel, business, camping, fishing, and daily use. Suitable for men and ladies.
  • CONVENIENT AUTO OPEN/CLOSE IN ONE SECOND: Just push the button once to automatically open and press again to instantly fold the canopy closed. You do not need to wait another second to open the umbrella when you get out of your car in the rain, especially in heavy rainfall, even when your hands are full of things.
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY: 100-Day Riskless Money Back Warranty to make sure we provide a good service. If you don't like it, you can just return it. After we receive it, you will get fully refund.

Product Description


According to its founder Brandly, as an invention that has been with human beings for thousands of years, the umbrella is first and foremost a necessity rather than a flashy decoration or luxury. Its primary task is to provide fully functional and affordable protection. In order for everyone to enjoy the intelligent and smooth quality of life, Lanbrella was born.

The invention of Lanbrella in the industry is undoubtedly a revolution: small, compact, light, one-hand operation, one second automatic opening and closing, 10 class prism fiber umbrella bone with high density cocoon silk canvas, both wind and sun protection and rain fast drying, lightweight technology and modern fashion enough to redefine "sunny umbrella". Lanbrella's ingenious design and Dupont Teflon's pioneering technology made it difficult for rivals to follow suit.

Lanbrella will be intelligent, convenient and safe as the brand connotation, in order to enhance customer value as the highest pursuit all the time, never compromise on quality and innovation path, and launched in the next five years, fishing umbrella, golf, double windproof umbrella, umbrella better close to the customer's functional requirements, never stop the footsteps of creativity will only become more into your life. Brandly, the founder, is also known as "the man who provides shelter for life".

Contemporary life cannot be without a sunny umbrella, nor can it be without Lanbrella's creativity.



Compact Size Inverted Umbrella. When close it, the wet part will be inside of the umbrella, preventing water from dripping, and it will not get yourself wet when getting in and out of the car.


Open and close the umbrella effortlessly using just one hand with its built-in auto open/close function.


Using state-of-the-art Super technology its canopy is waterproof and dries instantly.


This windproof umbrella is flexiable enough to withstand powerful wind without turning inside out.

42 INCH Vented 46 INCH Inverted 48 INCH Double Canopy 54 INCH Large Inverted 46 INCH UV Inverted 80 INCH Largerst Golf Umbrella
Highlights Windproof Vented, Short 11" Travel Size Inverted Folding 2023 Double Canopy Larger Size Inverted UV Inverted Largerst Golf Umbrella
Function Auto Open, Auto Close Auto Open, Auto Close Manual Open, Manual Close Auto Open, Auto Close Auto Open, Auto Close Manual Open, Manual Close
Reason for purchase You will be satisfied with our quality and service You will be satisfied with our quality and service You will be satisfied with our quality and service You will be satisfied with our quality and service You will be satisfied with our quality and service You will be satisfied with our quality and service
100% quality guarantee
100% quality guarantee
14 days for return
14 days for return
Nationwide delivery
Nationwide delivery